2020 Auglaize County Fair Board Members

Advertising & Publicity Ed Doenges Tom Sharp and Jessica Johns
Audit & Finance Mark Schmerge Cindy Poppe, Audra Fetter, Larry Kill and Chris S
Beef Dept. Kevin Turner Steve Turner, Bryon Stumbaugh and Mike Etzkorn
Dairy Dept. Doug Roediger Kevin Turner and Steve Turner
Camping, Commercial. Bldg. & Exhibit Area Tom Sharp Mike Etzkorn, Doug Roediger and Larry Kill
Executive & Legislative Steve Bushman Mark Ruppert, Toby Lee, Mike Schmerge and Doug Roediger
Extension Office Beth Miller Beth Miller
Fine Arts Cindy Poppe Larry Kill and Audra Fetter
Entertainment Tent Audra Fetter Mike Schmerge, Cindy Poppe, Amy Felver and Tom Sharp
Gospel Tent Toby Lee Brad Steinke
Grandstand Mark Ruppert Brad Steinke, Brian Knatz, Mike Etzkorn and Chris Spellmire
Grounds Mike Etzkorn and Mark Ruppert Mike Schmerge, Doug Roediger, Kevin Turner and Joe Huelskamp
Horticulture Larry Kill Chris Spellmire and Wayne Lybarger
Junior Fair Cindy Poppe Dee Bush, Brian Knatz, Steve Turner and Amy Felver
Junior Fair Horses Mark Ruppert Bryon Stumbaugh and Brian Knatz
Rabbits & Poultry Toby Lee Joe Huelskamp and Dee Bush
Security Sheriff Mike Vorhees Sherrif’s Auxillary
Sheep & Goats Dee Bush Tom Sharp and Toby Lee and Bryon Stumbaugh
Speed Wayne Lybarger Tom Sharp and Toby Lee and Bryon Stumbaugh
Swine Brad Steinke Amy Felver, Joe Huelskamp, Mike Schmerge, and Brian Knatz

Fair Board meetings are every 2nd Monday of the month starting at 8 PM Except in August (Friday prior to Fair). The annual meeting is the 1st Saturday in November starting at 7 PM.