Friday, August 4 starting at 9am in the Piehl Arena-Poultry, Hogs, Sheep

Saturday, August 5 starting at 9am in the Piehl Arena-Steers, Rabbits, Goats, Dairy Milk

Rules for Junior Fair members can be found beginning on Page 44 of the Fair Book.

We appreciate your interest and support of the Jr. Fair Livestock Sale. It is easy to support the
Junior Fair Livestock exhibitors:

  1. You can attend the day of the auction and receive a bid number and bid at the live
    auction, as we have done in the past. New buyers, must register in the sale office and
    can do so throughout the week and on sale days.
  2. Enter add on bids thru our online service. You simply go to auglaizejrfair.fairentry.com.
    If you participated this way in the past, you already have an account. If you have not,
    then you will need to create an account and set your own password. We will need
    name, address, email information and phone number.
  3. If you cannot attend the auction on August 4 or 5 but are at the fair during the week,
    you can stop in the sale office by the Piehl Arena and we can do the add on bids for you.
    Payment would be appreciated at that time, if possible.
  4. Mail in your add on bids with payment included to the address listed below.
  5. Email us your add on bids to [email protected]

Within your account you may add on money to any Jr. Fair Livestock participant and Dairy Milk
Exhibitors. Once the add on bid is posted to your account, you may not remove it. However,
you can return to your account online and add other bids before our deadline. Online add-on bids will close on Tuesday, August 8 at noon. No add-on bids will be received after that date. Any open invoices after August 9 will be sent for payment. Payment for open invoices must be received to the sales committee by August 26. Any outstanding invoices on September 1st will incur a 1% finance charge.

Dairy Milk Exhibitors minimum bid is $50 each bid. The total dollar amount collected for the
Dairy Milk exhibitors is split between all the Dairy Milk Exhibitors.

We ask for your email address solely for the purpose of the sale committee. It is costly to send
out buyer packets and invoices to buyers.

We accept cash, check or credit card, with buyer paying credit card fees.

Please feel free to contact us with questions:
[email protected]
Sale office phone number 419-394-8638 starting July 30, 2023.

Mailing address:
Auglaize County Jr. Fair Livestock Sale
PO Box 124
New Knoxville OH 45871